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Is Social Media Marketing Really Here To Stay?

Social Media Marketing- Is it really here to stay? The question that lies before us, is not whether email marketing works, or whether video marketing is the new normal. But rather, is social media marketing here to stay? This post is a very … [Read more]

Interesting and Well Thought Out Content

Martin… Thanks for always providing interesting and well thought out content. It looks like you have really expanded your product line to tools and resources that will be helpful to the online and offline marketer. -Marsha Godwin … [Read more]

Do You Really Understand Link Building?

Link it 'til You Make it: Building Relevant Links Link building's end goal, like all other online marketing strategies, is to snatch that highest top page ranking. Link building is a means, and an end, in its own. When link building is done … [Read more]

The Marketing Blog

Keeping it Fresh: Build an Interesting Marketing Blog Marketing Question: Which is more important? A beautiful and compelling web design, or a company website with a compelling and informative blog? Most people today are still stuck in the 20th … [Read more]

Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest 2012 – Help Me Win It

Every year, George Fourie, founder of That MLM Beat hosts a raging contest called The Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest. It's quite a deal, and many bloggers race to be a part of it. The reason I'm writing this post is to ask you to help me win the … [Read more]

Email Marketing Is Dead Isn’t It?

Newsletter and Email Marketing for Small Business is dead. Or is it? Keeping it Personal Email marketing is reported to be the second most effective online marketing strategy, second only to search engine marketing (SEO). Why is this so? For the … [Read more]

I Wish I Had More Qualified Leads To Call

"I Wish I Had More Qualified Leads To Call" Is one of the most frustrating places to find yourself in business. The fact is, most small businesses experience this frustration on a daily basis. They blame the great recession. They blame the president. … [Read more]

SEO and Search Engine Optimization

SEO and Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important strategies for you to invest in as you get your Marketing Site up and running.   How will they find me if they don’t know I exist? Now you have a good website design.You even … [Read more]

Why Web Design Matters

Because First Impression Lasts In the wide-webby-world of internet, the old adage "first impression lasts" cannot be any less true. However, most internet encounters don't last beyond first impression. But, on the other hand, most internet … [Read more]

Thank you for doing more than we asked

Dear Mr. Martin, Thank you so much for building a website for us. It is so easy to use and very helpful for our students. It is so nice how you linked it to our Facebook page, which is a very good tool for publicizing our school activity.The … [Read more]

Network Marketing Failure and MLM Burnout

Off With A Bang. Tom and Julie a short story Tom came home from the meeting totally pumped. He had never experienced anything quite like what he had just experienced tonight. He burst through the door, and with a gust of enthusiasm he said to … [Read more]

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