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Do You Really Understand Link Building?

Link it ’til You Make it: Building Relevant Links

Link building’s end goal, like all other online marketing strategies, is to snatch that highest top page ranking. Link building is a means, and an end, in its own. When link building is done properly, it gives the website a win-win situation. How so?

First, let’s understand what link building is.

link building and SEO

Link building is an online marketing strategy conducted to literally build links to your website which will allow search engines to notice its popularity value. It is through this that search engines determine if it is worthy of a position on the top search page. But the win-win prize lies not on actually getting at the top page of search results but on the process of building the links itself. Getting on the top page then, only becomes an award, a recognition, a bonus and an affirmation of your site’s value.

Link Buying

Link buying has been a known practice in the online world, at least, before search engines found ways to make their algorithms more sophisticated. As such, link buying has been proven questionable and ineffective. Be cautious of link buying offers.

It is also important to understand that search engine crawlers index results by the relevance of its content to the searched keyword. This should give you an idea why empty links acquired from link buying will not get your website anywhere near the top page.

Link Building Secret

The secret to a successful link building strategy is not so much of a secret but rather common sense. It follows the age-old Philosophy employed in traditional advertising campaigns –  “good branding”. A good brand, as any marketer knows by now, is not achieved by lip service but with proven value.

The Most Important Word In Link Building is Value.

In the online world, a good business brand can be achieved simply by creating valuable content on your sites.

  • Content that stirs interest.
  • Content that is worthy enough to be shared.
  • Content that gets linked to.

This content can be done in the form of all your other online marketing strategies:

Link building and SEO for your blog

If you haven’t noticed, all these campaigns require time. And time requires patience. A successful link building strategy then is a long and patient process of creating value.

Each of the online strategies mentioned above have specific ways to contribute to the success of your link building campaign. You can a hire a consultant to help you plan out each step. Just be sure to hire a legit and good one as it is easy to get lost in a link building campaign because of the time required to see some actual results and the immensity of the work load.

A lot of agencies also offer link building packages at around $2,000 or more per month. You can also train your in-house people to maintain your link building activities which could be less expensive than outsourcing it, but I doubt it.

Here is an informative video on Link Building by Google Webmaster Help


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