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Email Marketing Is Dead Isn’t It?

Newsletter and Email Marketing for Small Business is dead. Or is it?

Keeping it Personal

Email marketing is reported to be the second most effective online marketing strategy, second only to search engine marketing (SEO). Why is this so? For the simple reason that (almost) everybody who participates online has an email address. Before your website or other social media accounts, it’s your first home. It’s how you get found. It sure isn’t called an “address” if not for this, right?

It is for this reason that email marketing is so potent. It directly sends your company or business’ message to your current or potential customers – right to their “doorstep” so to speak.

If you haven’t noticed, since the dawn of the internet age, email marketing has cost-effectively replaced the traditional practice of sending promotional materials through snail mail. This has helped business owners save a lot of advertising cost.

email marketing and newsletters are dead. is it true? is email marketing really dead?

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Moreover, email marketing campaigns are easier to personalize to serve your various business needs.

  • Are you slashing prices off your products?
  • Let your loyal customers know by emailing them.
  • Are you launching a new promo?
  • Send your potential customers emails and turn them into loyal patrons.
  • These are only a few of the many ways email marketing can serve your business.

Just to help you get the bigger picture, the objectives of email marketing can be summarized as follows:

  1. To promote a particular product or service.
  2. To retain or attract loyalty from current customers by sending monthly or bi-monthly newsletters. This keeps them updated and interested about your business. First you must generate leads though.
  3. To be used as an affiliate marketing strategy. Some businesses, instead of sending their own newsletters, partner with other businesses to announce or carry-out their campaign.

You may be wondering how to do this…

  • Cold List

    Email marketing can be carried-out through your cold list database or your current customer database (information you gathered from various means i.e., opt-in or permission marketing, or those who signed-up and subscribed to receive your email updates either through your website or other means).

  • Email Marketing Platforms

    As the online world is ever innovative in its ways, email marketing is not as tedious as it was eons ago. Software programs and other customized platforms are now being offered to make email marketing more targeted and effective. We recommend MailChimp

  • Email Design

    The design of your email can be customized depending on the theme and concept of your campaign.

  • Tracking

    You can also track the effectiveness of your campaign through different analytics programs. These services are usually offered as a package. But I highly recommend that you know the stats on your email campaigns. You need to know what is working, and what is not working.

Mobile gadget users are ever growing.

So, like all the other online marketing strategies, it is best to consider your mobile users when you plan your email marketing campaign.

  • Are your emails and newsletters viewable on cellphones and tablets?
  • Do they load as fast as they do in laptops and PCs?
  • Be sure to address and specify these concerns to whichever marketing company or outfit you will hire to help you with your email campaign.

Email Marketing Is Dead

If you search online, you might stumble upon forums and articles claiming email marketing is dead. But basic logic will tell you this is not the case and will never be so.

The reason is simple: Email Marketing is very Affordable and Effective, both for businesses and customers, respectively. And more than anything else, email marketing is, suffice it to say, the personal touch that businesses communicate with their customers.

As humans, even in the cold wide world of the world wide web, always prefer to get that personal touch. Don’t you?

Leave me a comment, and tell me why you think email marketing is dead.

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