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I Wish I Had More Qualified Leads To Call

“I Wish I Had More Qualified Leads To Call” Is one of the most frustrating places to find yourself in business. The fact is, most small businesses experience this frustration on a daily basis. They blame the great recession. They blame the president. They may even blame their mother-in-law, but they rarely ever stop and get down to business.

Someone on LinkedIn recently said this about lead generation… “I am still trying to figure out the best way for leads, and then how to generate them into a client. But it seems word of mouth carries the most weight.” Does that sound like you?

Quality over Quantity: Getting Quality Leads

In the race of winning the Lead Generation game, quality wins over quantity. Sure, the bigger you build your database, the bigger the chance of getting “quality” leads from it, right? After all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Simple logic does validate this assumption. But online science and analysis say otherwise. Why is this so? For the same simple logic that not all email addresses you get, necessarily means a lead for your business. What, then, is a lead?

In the marketing world, a qualified lead is someone with whom you can close the sale.

So, Lead Generation is the process of getting sales leads. Lead Generation is a necessary element in any industry as it is the first step to getting sales. The internet, and its ever evolving mechanisms, has radically improved the ways in generating leads. For one, the ubiquity and accessibility of online information for key people, businesses and companies, have made it easier to gather data and build a database. Moreover, Skype and other video-chat programs narrowed the communication channels, making connection more accessible. But how do you generate leads online for online marketing purposes?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still the top means to generate leads online.

Clicks and visits from searches is the most effective way to drive “organic” leads. We’ve already covered SEO on the marketing map. So, these organic leads are considered of highest quality as they were born out of volition and sheer interest. To put it simply, they went out looking for you rather than you chasing them down.

According to last year’s survey of the State of Digital Marketing Report, business-2-business marketers accounted that 57.4% of their leads was generated from SEO, while business-to-consumers accounted 41% of theirs to SEO. Leads generated from pay-per-click strategies rank 2nd and social media campaigns ranked 3rd.

Although the end goal of lead generation is always closing and making a sale, it is best to understand that lead generation can also serve other purposes as well.

Sometimes, businesses generate leads for their marketing campaigns to be successful. Marketing leads are usually offered a particular brand or advertising such as a promo or discount, which they can participate in or avail themselves of. If you are thinking of launching a marketing campaign and are not sure where and how to get your leads, we can help you map out and plan your lead sources. There are a lot of agencies and sources where you can get your initial leads but it is extremely important that you know how credible these sources are. You can get yourself into a lot of trouble by getting in with an untrustworthy lead source. You can send us a message anytime if you want a more in-depth discussion about this.

Lead generation costs range anywhere from $5 to $25 per contact, depending on the difficulty of getting the lead or the context the lead is gathered in. Lead generation services also charge a setup or maintenance fee to make sure that the leads are always fresh and updated.

One of my most favorite things to do, is help a struggling company set up a lead generation strategy. We help them:

  1. Plan the strategy
  2. Set up the Lead Generation Forms
  3. Create the Follow Up Systems
  4. Analyze the Reports and Analysis Data
  5. Revise and Improve the Performance

It is so much fun to see our clients start getting fresh, and highly qualified leads, and start making new and fresh sales!

Small and medium sized businesses will benefit a great deal from a Leads Generation service. For one, it gives the business owners a breathing space so they can focus on the more important aspects of improving the business instead of focusing on how to keep the business just running.

Lead Generation is a nitty-gritty, detail oriented job. It requires a lot of time, effort and focus to be carried-out efficiently. That’s why more and more business owners opt to outsource this service so they can free their hands of the “dirty work”. If you are convinced that a leads generation service will help improve your business, then contact us, and we’ll see if there might be a fit.

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Do I have a video about Lead Generation? Well, Here is one by Alex Mandossian that I thought helped understand it a little bit. Maybe it will help you…

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