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Network Marketing Failure and MLM Burnout

Off With A Bang.

Tom and Julie
a short story

Tom came home from the meeting totally pumped. He had never experienced anything quite like what he had just experienced tonight.
He burst through the door, and with a gust of enthusiasm he said to Julie his wife,

Network Marketing is Exciting!

“We’re gonna be rich!”

“We are going to be RICH!”

“Really” she exclaimed, “and what makes you say that?”

That’s when the whole story began to pour out.

Tom’s best friend Rick, had told him that if ever he wanted to make some extra money, then now was his chance. earlier that evening they had met in the parking lot of the Marriott hotel, and  went inside for the business opportunity meeting.

Inside Tom heard things he had never heard before. He heard testimonies of people who had made so much money in 3 months, and that anyone could do it. He listened to a very excited person talk about a product and service that was the next trend in society, and was literally changing the world.

Then he listened with awe as someone else effortlessly explained the incredible compensation plan that this company had came up with. Could it be true that this company was the only one in the world using this amazing compensation plan?

Even though he didn’t totally understand everything about the compensation plan, his friend Rick told him not to worry about that. There will be trainings every tuesday, thursday, and saturday, and it won’t take him long to have it down pat.

After that, the moderator called up someone else, who they highly recommended, who went on to announce that tonight was the very last night in a very special promotion, and that those who act now, will be able to receive all of the most amazing and incredible benefits that only a few others have the privilege of enjoying.

One of those benefits, and the straw that broke the camel’s back, was when this same person announced that they, the upline, would literally build the downline for all those who signed up tonight. All Tom would have to do is pay the relatively small admission fee, sign up for auto-ship, and show up for the meetings every other night, and he and his family would soon be rich, wealthy, and have all the time in the world.

As Tom thought about that, the only thing holding him back was an inner voice of concern which the speaker began to address at that very moment.

“Don’t worry about what your spouse. parents, pastor, or anyone else might think. This Opportunity is SO good those people will actually thank you for signing up!”

What do you think happened when Tom got home and broke the news to his wife Julie?

She had no idea that he was even thinking about such a thing as this, let alone that he would do such a thing without first having talked to her about it.

Tom tried as hard as he could to explain everything he had heard with the same enthusiasm and confidence that he had heard that night, but for some reason it didn’t seem to have the same effect on her, that it did on him.

As time went by, Tom worked at his new business pretty hard, and attended all the meetings faithfully, at first that is. He got a few customers, and a few people signed up in his downline, but after a few months he was starting to run on empty.

He started to wonder why he had even gotten into network marketing in the first place. It didn’t seem to fit his personality, or style quite as much as he had been led to believe.

What happened?

  • Where was the big promises of his upline?
  • Why didn’t anyone, especially his friends and family care about his business, and want to see him succeed?
  • Why was Tom beginning to fail in network marketing?
network marketing and mlm failure and burnout

“What went wrong?”


Does This Story Sound Familiar?

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