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Is Social Media Marketing Really Here To Stay?

Social Media Marketing– Is it really here to stay?

The question that lies before us, is not whether email marketing works, or whether video marketing is the new normal. But rather, is social media marketing here to stay? This post is a very concise overview of what social media marketing really is, and by the end, you will know what our answer is. Be sure to read the entire post.

According to Nielsen research 92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family more than any form of advertising. This is up from 74% in 2007

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Do you remember a few years back, when one morning you logged on to your Facebook account and you saw, for the first time, these teeny-tiny boxes of ads?

Yes, just when you thought that Facebook is a safe haven – free from online ads pollution – it gave in eventually. Not that it’s not a good thing. After all, what can you expect? When you have close to a billion users, you gotta make something out of it, right?

And make something, Facebook did. But when Facebook decided to allow ad placements, it’s not entirely “we’re having our cake and eating, too” philosophy for them. It’s more of “we’re having our cake, let’s share it with everybody else, too.” A lot of small businesses have benefited from it.

Facebook ads revolutionized online marketing, to the point that it even paved way to the creation of a separate online marketing discipline of its own , which we call- Social Media Marketing.

But thumbnail ads are just shadows of what Social Media Marketing can do. Actually, thumbnail ads fall more under the Pay-Per-Click method which Facebook and other search engines offer.

On this note, you could consider that Social Media Marketing is an enhancer of the other online marketing strategies. SSM then becomes a platform for the other strategies to be successful.

Consider the FREE Facebook Fan Pages and Community Groups, for instance, which help you promote your:

  • Products,
  • Company,
  • Promos, or your
  • Other Marketing Campaigns.

These fan or group pages can direct the users to the company or product’s actual website to wrap-up the last order of business. In other words they:

  • Drive traffic to the site
  • Help people make a purchase at the site, or
  • Participate in a campaign

These pages can also be, in themselves, the very platform to conduct the last order of business as there are now lots of ways to make the pages more dynamic. Thanks to many 3d party app developers.

For instance, customized apps can be built-in to the pages which will allow users to sign-up for the promo or campaign without having to leave Facebook anymore. These are just a few of the many ways that Facebook, as a social media site, can be maximized to strengthen the business’ online presence. And the ways are ever evolving by the day.

So, where are you in all of this?

  • Are you introducing a new product?
  • Are you wanting to launch a new branding campaign?
  • Are you ready to gain a greater online presence through social media?

Social Media Marketing Works!

Aside from becoming a platform and enhancing other online marketing strategies, the Real Power of Social Media Marketing lies in its very accessible nature. Companies and consumers can interact directly with each other through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and any other social networking site.

This set-up allows consumers to get heard. They can voice out their appreciations and concerns and in return, the companies become more accountable with the quality of service they provide.

The consumers and clients, now more than ever, have the power to influence the game. And the businesses and companies are always competing to provide better value.

The accessible nature of Social Media Marketing fosters community.

Community builds trust and credibility. Now credibility, that’s priceless.

Priceless because it takes time, and time is something you cannot buy. Time gives birth to commitment and value. Commitment and value are two of the highest qualities consumers are always looking for.

Start showing off how valuable you are. Start getting sociable now! Because we believe that social media marketing is here to stay.

Ask us about our Social Media Marketing Service for Small Businesses. We provide this ever growing service to small businesses who are struggling to master the world of social media.

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