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What is the 80-20 Rule Anyway?

Have you been wondering what the 80-20 Rule means?

Or what 80-20 Marketing is?

Recently in a webinar on SEO, Fernie was teaching us some important secrets about SEO and how Google works. He kept referring to the 80-20 rule.

Ann Sieg named her Attraction Marketing company after it. The name of her company is 80-20 Marketing.

Ann Sieg teaches people like you, how to dominate the internet, and attract endless high quality leads.

There is a book by Richard Koch entitled: Living the 80-20 Way.

If you want to go and check out the table of contents just click on the book. I came across this book in my research on this subject. However, I haven’t read it so I can’t highly recommend it except that it looks really good.

But what I really want to do, is answer the simple question, what does the 80-20 rule mean, anyway?

Basically the 80-20 rule means that you put 20% into something, and get 80% return on it.

Obviously, the way it applies to us who are working at home, and marketing on the internet, is that we want our efforts to count for the maximum ROI (Return On Investment).

I mean who wouldn’t want to put 20% effort into something, and see it bringing in 80% returns?

I know I sure do.

The whole concept of Attraction Marketing is founded upon putting systems in place online so that we can simpify our lives and get 80% return on the 20% effort we put into it. Even though at first it may seem like you are putting 80% effort into it and seeing 20% or less return. Don’t give up. Keep the vision, and keep the pace. If we are faithful, I believe there will come a day when we all can say, “Hurray! The 80-20 Rule exists for a reason. It really works!!)

I hope this has been a helpful post. I have wondered for quite a while what the whole 80-20 rule thing was all about, so I did a little research.

Then I thought I had better share it with you as well.

Martin Dale

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