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Why Web Design Matters

Because First Impression Lasts

In the wide-webby-world of internet, the old adage “first impression lasts” cannot be any less true. However, most internet encounters don’t last beyond first impression. But, on the other hand, most internet encounters are born out of great first impressions. So now, the question is, how exactly can you make a great impression?

There are a lot of ways to do this. In fact, there are a lot of resources that will teach you how to do this. Sure, you can spend time in learning how to do the works. Or you can make life simpler by just hiring a one-stop-shop that will do the entire shebang for you. All you have to do is find the right guys who’ll give you a good run for your money. That should be easy, right?

You really think so?

The reality is –

…although there a lot of ways now to build your own website for free or a lot companies and freelancers offering their services – it is exactly for this reason that makes it more difficult. As you are bombarded with tons of options, how do you know what’s right for you?

The answer lies not in the options but in YOU. It is not in the answers that you should first look but in asking the right questions.

What does this mean exactly?

1. Who are you, and what kind of web design does your business require?

  • Are you a small town business?
  • A mid-sized company wanting to get found online?
  • What is it about your business that you want to impress on people online?
  • Is it the great quality of your products? Their affordability?
  • Your wonderful customer service? All of them?
  • What kind of branding do you want to build for yourself or your company?

Upon asking and then answering these questions, you then ponder the deeper question of “why.”

2. Why do you want to build a website.

If you are small-town business owner with a proven niche in your community, then why does your web design matter?

  • Why do you want to improve your existing website?
  • Why do you want people to transact online – will it be more cost-effective for your business model?
  • Will it be more convenient for your clients?
  • Why do you want people to know you or your business in this or that way?

If the answers to your “what” and “why” are compelling enough, you now start the quest on finding the “how”.

3. How are you going to get your web design online?

  • Will you use WordPress?
  • What about security updates and backups?
  • How are you going to find the right guys?
  • How do you convey what you want to these guys?
  • How do you make sure they understand you and your business?

Not only that, but you need to determine how you are going to use your website.

Statistics prove that companies that have a blog have almost twice the customer acquisition rate as companies that do not have a blog. So, we recommend that when getting your website set up and running, that you incorporate a blog into your online marketing strategy. You can read why we recommend a blog for business here.

So, If you found yourself answering the questions above, you’re ready to take on the first order of business – creating your own website. If you already have one, there are numerous ways to optimize it for greater search marketing and lead generation potential.

Andy Warhol once quipped “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” That future is today. That future is online. But you sure don’t want just 15 minutes, right?

Destination #1 on the marketing map, is to get online. Get a website built that you own, and control, and that is generating high-quality leads.

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